Monday, August 23, 2010

Money Mystery Solved

Well, it looks like we’ve tracked down where the Rule 11 money actually went: The Maryland Republican Party.

Through an exchange I had with an anonymous poster leaving comments on a friend’s blog, I was directed to the following release issued by the State GOP on August 12:

So, it looks like the money will be spent by the state GOP on behalf of Bob Ehrlich and Andy Harris, whose candidacies prompted the Rule 11 waiver request, rather than by the campaigns themselves. Reports in The Gazette referred to “the campaigns” getting the money.

As far as I could tell, the monies weren’t included in the last report filed by the GOP State Central Committee, whose contributions largely matched their expenditures. Presumably that means the money has just started flowing, and will be used to finance the outreach offices which the party is opening all across the state.

No official word on how much the state GOP got – though I have heard it was $1 million. If so, this money will help the party counter the Maryland Democratic Party’s ambition GOTV and early voting initiatives.

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