Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Who Are You & Why Are You Interviewing Me?

The Maryland Democratic Party has released another of its You Tube attack ads against Bob Ehrlich:

Back in 2006, these things seemed kind of cutting edge. Now, they seem tired and maybe a little desperate. But, this one intrigues me because of the fact that Ehrlich seems to have made himself so readily available to what was clearly a put-up interview.

I mean, who's the guy interviewing him? I am fairly familiar with the local political press, and don't recognize the interviewer. How did the interview come to pass? Did someone from the Maryland Democratic Party call Ehrlich's press office and pitch a faux interview scenario which they subsequently accepted? If that happened, did Henry Fawell or Andy Barth get their butts handed to them? Or did Greg Massoni, in the interest of Democratic outreach, fall into old habits and operate the camera?

All teasing aside, the ad seems silly. Still, Ehrlich could do a better job delineating the differences between "taxes" and "fees." I know what the difference between "dedicated funds" and the "General Fund" is, but question whether most Marylanders do - or, if those that do actually care which state till the money coming out of their pockets is going.

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