Monday, September 6, 2010

Ehrlich Goes On The Air

Bob Ehrlich's first TV ad of the campaign season can be viewed here.

The Stevens And Schreifer Group - a leading Republican strategic communications firm in Washington - has been Ehrlich's media strategist of record since his first campaign for Congress in 1994. This ad reflects the same level of quality evident in their work for past Ehrlich campaigns. It's slickly produced, picturesque, and clearly hits the broader themes that will comprise the campaign's message (Maryland is saddled with increased debt, higher taxes, and fewer jobs). It spells out the challenges Maryland is facing, but not in an alarmist or negative manner. And, as you might expect, it is a far more professional looking piece than the crude, amateurish ad produced by the Brian Murphy campaign.

One observation to make: While this ad debuts in the week before the primary election, it does not stress issues that would be of special concern to GOP primary voters. Its focus is reelection, not renomination, for Ehrlich. So, if the Ehrlich campaign is concerned about how well Murphy will do in the primary, this concern only influenced the timing of the ad's debut and not its overall message. 

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