Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ehrlich's 2nd TV Ad Debuts Today

Bob Ehrlich’s new campaign ad debuted today.

Overall, I like it. It’s positive, well-produced and forward-looking. To date, the Ehrlich campaign has seemed more preoccupied with bashing Governor O’Malley or touting past accomplishments such as the “flush tax.” This is the first time they’ve attempted to articulate a positive vision of the future during this election cycle. And, it hits the only issue that matters this year: jobs and the economy.

As John Wagner reports in The Washington Post, substantively there’s not a lot in Ehrlich’s “Roadmap” that constitutes new ideas or proposals.  It reminds me of the “101 Excellent Ideas for Maryland” document Ehrlich touted in 2002. That was a brainchild of Ehrlich campaign honcho Paul Schurick, and I suspect the “Roadmap” is, too.  Both constitute a repackaging of previously touted ideas. But few people will actually realize that, so it is probably a useful exercise.

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