Sunday, September 26, 2010

Following The Signs in Baltimore County

Everyone is looking for some sign of what Joe Bartenfelder's intentions are. Will he endorse the man who beat him in the Baltimore County Executive's race, Kevin Kamenetz? Will he back Republican Ken Holt? Or, will he just sit this race out entirely?

So far, the clearest sign of Bartenfelder's intentions may be the signs themselves. Campaign signs, that is.

This sign, which features Holt's Coca Cola-inspired moniker, was spotted in Perry Hall. What's interesting about it is that, not long ago, the very same frame once housed a Joe Bartenfelder sign. The homeowners apparently swapped out one sign for another sometime after the primary election.

My spies in Baltimore County tell me that this is not an isolated incident. Holt signs are popping up systematically in frames which once held Joe Bartenfelder signs. The speed by which this seems to be happening causes me to believe that this is part of an orchestrated effort, rather than individual homeowners all suddenly deciding to do this on their own.

Did the Holt campaign contact these homeowners using a list that Team Bartenfelder gave them? Or is Team Bartenfelder - still stinging over the negative campaign tactics waged by Kamenetz - doing this on its own?

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