Monday, September 20, 2010

Harmony Comes to Team Wargotz

Two of my recent blog subjects - Bo Harmon and Dr. Eric Wargotz - have just popped up recently in the news.

Paul West of the Baltimore Sun reports that the dial-happy doctor has just hired Harmon to be his campaign director in his bid to unseat Senator Barbara Mikulski.

Harmon was, of course, the campaign manager of record for Bob Ehrlich's Lusitania-like 2006 reelection effort. Since then, he worked on John McCain's presidential race and for a Virginia-based political firm.

I have some words of advice for both these guys.

Bo, I hope you go with the cell phone plan that maximizes the number of minutes you have each month. You'll need it.

Dr. Wargotz, Bo was known for his enthusiasm during the 2006 Ehrlich bid. In fact, at one point, the hirsute Harmon even shaved an "E" onto his chest in order to show his support for Ehrlich. I think you deserve a "W," don't you?

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