Monday, September 20, 2010

New O'Malley Campaign Ad Debuts

A new Martin O'Malley TV ad debuted in the Baltimore media market this weekend. The ad continues the campaign's strategy of undermining Governor Ehrlich's claims of fiscal responsibility.

In a change election cycle, anything that erodes the perception that a vote for Ehrlich is a vote for change benefits O'Malley. Simply put, if the races is framed as a choice between two tax and spend governors - the only difference being one spent more than he taxed, and one taxed more than he spent - some Republicans and independent-leaning voters may choose to sit the race out. To win, Ehrlich needs every one of these voters to show up at the polls.

Further, the points raised by the ad are repeated in campaign materials that were distributed door-to-do by Democrats in Baltimore County this weekend.

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