Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Order Of Crow For The Pundit, Please

I pride myself on being a pretty good political handicapper. This year, I correctly predicted the winners in every race in which I made a pick.

That is, all except for one.

Not long ago I predicted that conservative lawyer Jim Rutledge would beat moderate pathologist turned politician Eric Wargotz in the GOP primary for U. S. Senate. Dr. Wargotz prevailed by a margin of 39 percent to 31 percent.

While I like to be right in my predictions, I’m glad Dr. Wargotz won. As I indicated in my earlier blog posting, I think he will be a stronger challenger to Senator Mikulski. He’s a moderate in a moderate-friendly state, and has the resources needed to wage a credible race.

Despite the conservative nature of the GOP primary electorate, Dr. Wargotz won probably because he managed to build a buzz about himself, partially due to his “Political Insidersaurus” TV ad. Now, I must admit I thought the ad was goofy when I first saw it. But that was the key to its appeal. It definitely got people talking, and Wargotz succeeded in riding that wave right through the primary.

So, congratulations on your hard-earned victory, Dr. Wargotz. I know you’ll wage a spirited fight against Senator Mikulski, and might even do better than her previous opponents did. I’d love to catch up with you sometime. Given our past telephone-related issues, however, perhaps we should stick to email. At least for starters.


  1. Rock on! We're going to need your help as we work very hard to inform voters A) about Eric and B) about Barbara. She needs to go but most Marylanders don't know anything about her.

    Together, we win!!

  2. Yes, you chose well! How did we do on points for the Murphy/Ehrlich race? Did you keep track of our numbers? I thought I said 20 for Murphy which would have been close, but I don't remember if that was me or someone smarter.

  3. Interesting to note the "Mikulski for Senate" sign on the Lutherville lawn of a former Member of Congress.