Friday, October 22, 2010

"12 Days To Make A Difference"

This fundraising appeal was released by the Ehrlich campaign last night. It's pretty standard stuff. But, I have one question: if they really did have $1.7 million in the bank going into the final two weeks of the election, shouldn't their priority be spending the money they've got and not raising more?
Dear Friend, 
I’d like to tell you that winning elections has nothing to do with money. But the reality is that it’s just not true. I am being attacked relentlessly by Martin O’Malley’s campaign and by out-of-state interest groups that want to shut you and me out of government altogether.
For four years Martin O’Malley has said and done anything he could to strengthen his one-party monopoly’s grip on government at expense of families and small businesses.  And during the final days of this campaign he will stop at nothing to smear me and the ideals you and I stand for.

So I urgently need your help again. Anything you can give, $10, $20, $50 or $100, will go towards fighting their deceitful attacks and getting my message of Strong Leadership for Maryland out. Believe me, I know the amount of trust and faith you are putting in me when you make a contribution to my campaign. I do not take it for granted.
Help me capitalize on our newfound momentum.  We’ve just earned endorsements from the National Federation of Independent Business, The Gazette Newspapers, and many more organizations that want new leadership in government. I see the energy and enthusiasm of supporters like you every day on the campaign trail. It is incredible to witness. 

Your contribution will be used in the most efficient and effective way possible to get my message out through TV, radio, mail and on-the-ground grassroots strategy. This is the key to victory so, if you can, make a contribution to my campaign at this crucial time. We have just 12 days left and need your help more than ever.

I was honored to see The Gazette write on Wednesday, “Ehrlich is the best candidate to take on Maryland's unavoidable financial problems, all while maintaining quality schools, investing in vital transportation improvements, protecting basic human and health services and restoring a can-do business climate.”
Help me put the brakes on out of control spending, government overreach, and a nationalized healthcare system that would kill jobs and increase your health care costs.  Incumbent O’Malley doesn’t like to talk about how he supports socialized medicine, but if he gets back into office, you can be sure he will be fighting to protect government – not families and entrepreneurs.

As always, thanks for your support.

Bob Ehrlich
PS. We have just 12 days left and the requests for signs and bumper stickers keep pouring in.  With your contribution of $25 we can print 25 more lawn signs and let Ehrlich supporters’ voices be heard.  Marylanders are hurting, the economy is on the wrong track, we need a return to job creation and fiscal sanity.  Please make a contribution today.


  1. I, ME, MINE. All about Bob.

  2. It is apparent the $1.7 million dollars on hand was more Ehrlich financial sleight of hand. They must have deferred a lot of payables to report that much cash.

    Ehrlich is all but gone from TV and non-existent on radio.

    He's just running out the clock.