Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bob Ehrlich: 53 Percent In Baltimore County?

That's what I have been told members of Team Ehrlich are privately telling people. Or at least that's what they are saying their internal numbers are showing.

If true, then that's definitely not encouraging news for the Ehrlich campaign, which once expected to come close to if not equal their stunning 61 percent showing in the former governor's native county. Perhaps that explains yesterday's "Democrats for Ehrlich" rally in Dundalk, as well as the campaign's preoccupation in the final hours of the race with a county they should already have in the bag.

It might explain something else I heard today. Ehrlich Political Director Bernie Marczyk has dispatched two of the campaign's paid Baltimore County staffers to saturate the county with lawn signs. The last time I drove across the county, particularly the northern and eastern parts, Ehrlich's blue-and-white lawn signs already seemed well-represented in both residential and commercial areas.  This time, however, Marczyk is insisting that his minions focus on abandoned commercial property, median strips, intersections, and other "no man's land" kinds of areas.

If sticking up last minute yard signs at abandoned gas stations and such other overgrown locations is Team Ehrlich's best strategy for nailing down Baltimore County, it is in big trouble. I still think a decent, 55-57 percent win for Ehrlich is possible. It may be enough to benefit candidates for local office. Whether it will be large enough to help overcome huge O'Malley wins in Prince George's and Montgomery counties and Baltimore City remains to be seen.


  1. Check that internal poll number again, it is not 53. try 48-46, they can't get to 55. So tired of the bs poll tactic and "we win this with right turnout. Insiders know the score, yesterday was pathetic last weekend rally. Today's was almost as bad and motorists were flicking off the caravan for blocking traffic. Complete disarray, no morale and lots of finger pointing.

  2. O'Malley has an excellent GOTV team in Balt Co just outside city line. Especially voter rich Security, Woodlawn,Randallstown, Catonsville areas. Having the luxury to take it directly to Bob's home turf should tell you it's not going to be pretty Tuesday.

    So who will replace Audrey Scott? It's time for someone totally unconnected to the cult of Bob.

  3. How in the world is dumping lawn signs on median strips an election strateg? Are these people really that inept?

    A few weeks ago they littered neighborhoods with signs, including church property.

    I have a feeling an epic beatdown is coming.

  4. 31 October, 2010 19:00:

    Amen on someone unconnected to the cult of Bob. Please post suggestions. I'm one of those who have a vote.