Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bob Ehrlich: "I Will"

Bob Ehrlich new campaign ad, "I Will," debuts.

This ad, like most of the others coming out of the Ehrlich camp, is fine, but it doesn't really offer anything that hasn't been said in some form or another before. For a campaign that desperately needs a game-changer, they won't find it with this ad.

Two additional points:

1) I'm not so sure that recycling that particular Ronald Reagan quote is a good idea. The quote Ehrlich uses ("Are you better off now than you were four years ago?") is arguably Reagan's most famous one-liner. Using it therefore evokes memories of him, distracting the viewer from the points Ehrlich is trying to make in this ad. Further, Reagan's campaign had been pushing a specific plan to stimulate the economy at the time Reagan used that line. Bob Ehrlich may have one, but he has not yet clearly articulated it to voters.

2) Team Ehrlich's approach to this campaign has been to ride the national anti-incumbent wave, and referencing the Obama healthcare law here is further evidence of that. Ehrlich is trying to tap voter's anger, no matter what the cause of it is. Only in that narrow context does it makes sense for a gubernatorial candidate to promise to "fix" a national healthcare law over which he would have little personal authority.

With $1.7 million yet to be spent, I'm guessing that Team Ehrlich will launch a few more ads before Election Day. This has evolved into a "OK, let's try this" campaign strategy for them. Let's see if it works.


  1. Bob Ehrlich was not fired because of a bad economy. he was fired because of his bad record. This man is surrounded by idiots. Martin O'Malley is no Jimmy Carter either.

  2. Bob's lost his magic... He'll lose by more this cycle than in 2006.