Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day One of Early Voting: PG and Montgomery Lead the State

The Gazette newspapers have reported that, on day one of early voting, the population-rich, Democratic strongholds of Prince George's and Montgomery counties led the state.

According to the Gazette:

"In Prince George's, 1,482 votes were cast by noon, the most in the state, according to Daneen Banks, deputy elections administrator for the county's Board of Elections.

"In Montgomery County, 1,154 people voted by noon, with the highest turnout, 310, recorded at a polling site in Silver Spring, said Marjorie Roher, a spokeswoman for Montgomery's elections board. The first day of early voting before the primary saw at total of 1,218 votes cast in Montgomery."

Minimally, this offers strong evidence that the strong GOTV effort Democratic officials have promised has in fact materialized.


  1. Tense today. Lots of calls asking where commercials are, when do we hit back. Tense at hq, turnout is not what is needed, Sun poll posting at 4. We need to be within 4

  2. Not 4. 14. Ouch.