Thursday, October 14, 2010

Debate Number 2: Initial Reaction

People have been asking me for my reaction to the second Ehrlich-O'Malley debate. I wasn't in a position to watch it this afternoon, though I DVRed it and will watch when I get back home.

But, I did read the excellent Twitter coverage provided by The Sun's Julie Bykowicz and Annie Linskey, as well as the numerous stories and blog reports filed immediately after the debate ended. Minimally, it sounds like Ehrlich amped up his performance significantly. I say that based on the clever and impactful one-liners ("Leaders lead...politicians give you that," "If somebody breaks into my house is that a new member of my family that night?") that were reported.

I don't want to say anymore, as it is not fair for me to critique an event I have not witnessed yet. But, I did want to get something up to let you know that more will be coming later.


  1. During the first debate, any objective observor would say Ehrlich was a disaster in his presentation, not much better on substance, appeared angry.

    O'Malley was calm, collected and prepared.

    Bob Ehrlich in the second debate was significantly better than in the first debate. His makeup and suit were better, he was not a victim of cutaway shots that made him seem angry and kept his head out of his hands. His major policy gaffe came in a direct question regarding how he would pay for the lost revenue from the sales tax cut; he has no way. His answer to what he would do innovatively to stir economic recovery was very weak, a reference to his small business bill of rights without highlighting any plank that inspires confidence.

    O'Malley was not as strong in the second debate and muffed easy, non substantive questions like tell us your favorite song or something about yourself that people don't know. However, he is very telegenic, he sticks to his talking points and did not make any gaffes. His answers on gay marriage and immigration will play well in Montgomery and PG, but may hurt him in Baltimore COunty.

    It is my opinion that O'Malley definatively won the first debate. Ehrlich's much improved effort in the second debate could give some the impression he prevailed, a beneficialry of low expectations. Objectively, I believe the second debate, depending on your political bent was a draw- and that is not what Bob needed.

  2. Bob Ehrlich continues to display the emotional maturity of a spoiled brat rich kid (Veronica Salt of Willie Wonka comes to mind). Interrupting, whining constantly about "it's my time", snarky personal shots at O'Malley. Plays well for his supporters but a huge turn off for everyone else.