Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ehrlich Endorsed by The Gazette

The newspaper endorsement matchup in Maryland’s gubernatorial race now stands at 2 – 1, with Bob Ehrlich picking up the endorsement of the Gazette newspapers.

Note that the endorsement says nothing at all about Governor O'Malley. I'm not sure how significant or insignificant that is.

Ehrlich-specific excerpts of the Gazette’s strongly-worded endorsement appear below.

“When considering the work ahead, Maryland will be best served by Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. as governor.

“Ehrlich brings his own credentials, and a solid record, to the office. During his first term, he focused on fiscal responsibility, education, the environment, jobs and public safety. 

“Ehrlich opposed increases in sales and income taxes and supported legalization of slot machines to create a revenue stream to support an education-funding plan that he endorsed as a way of bringing equitable financial resources to poorer districts. He opened the first-ever public charter school and invested heavily in community colleges and the state's historically black colleges.

“Ehrlich supported the Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act, hailed as ‘the most important pollution-reducing initiative in the state in 20 years’ by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. He established a position in his cabinet for people with disabilities, a long-term issue of his.

“Ehrlich wants to re-energize the growth of private sector jobs and explore a bus transit system for the Purple Line, linking Metrorail stations in Montgomery and Prince George's counties. The challenge he will face is working with a legislature dominated by another party, which is a high-wire act. In his first term, there was far too much acrimony in Annapolis.

“Ehrlich is the best candidate to take on Maryland's unavoidable financial problems, all while maintaining quality schools, investing in vital transportation improvements, protecting basic human and health services and restoring a can-do business climate.”


  1. Is this from 2006?

    you forgot "Again". Nothing to see here but cliches.

  3. "Focuse on fiscal responsibility and education..."?

    Now that's funny. Bob Ehrlich's record on spending and education is precisely why he's losing so badly in the best possible year for Republicans.

    Did Blair Lee write this by himself?