Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ken Holt's “Caravan for Change” Hits The Road

As I post this message, a fleet of approximately 50 dump trucks and other industrial vehicles – all festooned with Holt campaign materials – is circling the Baltimore beltway.

The "Caravan for Change" set out from the White Marsh Mall, where trucks gathered in front of what used to be a Boscov’s.

The Caravan’s starting point – vacant retail space in one of our largest local malls – symbolizes the economic challenges Baltimore County presently faces,” Holt explained. “The importance of growing the local economy and attracting new jobs has been the central message of my campaign. The Caravan will broaden awareness of my campaign, while reminding voters that a growing economy means an increased demand for industrial vehicles like these, and more career opportunities for everyone.” 

Here are a few pictures taken before the Caravan departed. On the road, I hear it is a rather impressive sight. Let me know if you see it.


  1. Looks like we got ourselves a Convoy...

  2. but it's neither mighty or rocking through the night.