Monday, October 18, 2010

New Ehrlich, O'Malley Ads Courting Women Debut

The Ehrlich campaign has just released another ad, “We Can Do Better.”

By using precious campaign dollars to target women – a population segment where Martin O'Malley has a strong advantage according to the polls – Team Ehrlich has demonstrated a willingness to take a few risks with this ad. Overall I like it, specifically the fact that the message is being conveyed by “ordinary Marylanders.” I just question whether this has game-changing potential. Everything coming out of the Ehrlich camp has a "let's try this" feel to it. And, I wonder whether or not Team O'Malley's relentless negative ad barrage has not successfully undermined the Ehrlich campaign’s ability to make credible promises when it comes to holding the line on taxes and spending.

Not to be outdone, Team O'Malley launched an ad featuring Senator Mikulski. As I opined elsewhere on this blog, I don't think Mikulski's coattails will be a significant factor in this race.

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  1. A bunch of white suburban women and a light skinned black, but no photos of bully Bob. Yawn.