Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New O'Malley Ad Debuts

Team O'Malley just launched another TV ad, "Who's Really Making Stuff Up." This one is a little different is that it is the first rebuttal ad they have aired during the campaign.

The ad counters Team Ehrlich's "Making Stuff Up" critique of Governor O'Malley. All of the themes in the ad have been referenced in prior ads. But, significantly, the ad pointedly ties Ehrlich's alleged "lobbying" activities to the Arundel Mills casino project. This signals that lowering Ehrlich's numbers in Anne Arundel County - which he needs to win by a supermajority - is a key strategy of the O'Malley campaign.


  1. You have posted the wrong ad. New ad is


  2. This is an effective ad. Be interested in your thoughts Richard.

    It keeps Bob explaining which keeps him from turning undecideds. It attacks Ehrlich on tax raises, hits him for his promise to cut sales tax without a revenue stream, whacks him on college tuition and dings him for his odd election year promise to cut education spending. To paraphrase Ricky Ricardo, Bob has some more splaining to do! Here is the text:
    Female#1 : Bob Ehrlich says he wants to fix Maryland
    Male #2: But he increased state spending by record amounts.
    Female #2: Ehrlich raised $3 billion in taxes and fees
    Female #3: Including property taxes
    Female #4: And a 40% increase in college tuition..
    Male #1: And now he's made over a billion dollars in new promises?
    Female #5: With no plans to pay for them
    Female #6: Except for cutting education
    Female #1: Cuts that will layoff teachers and increase class sizes
    Female #7: That's not a budget
    Female #8: And Bob Ehrlich's not the kind of leader
    Female #1: We can trust.