Monday, October 25, 2010

New WaPo Poll: 54 Percent O'Malley, 40 Percent Ehrlich

Another day. Another poll. Another 14 point spread in the governor’s race.

Today the Washington Post released a poll which shows O’Malley leading Ehrlich by a 54-40 margin. That result aligns closely with the Baltimore Sun poll which showed O’Malley leading by 52 – 38 percent.

Now, I don’t believe Ehrlich’s going to lose by 14 points. But I am now thinking an eight point loss is possible, assuming the undecideds break for Ehrlich.

If things end up in the direction where they’re apparently headed, I would not want to be Paul Schurick or Bernie Marczyk on Election Night, especially when Kendel Ehrlich gets done with them, as defenestration is a distinct possibility. But, I’d sure love to be a fly on the wall. 


  1. Bob Ehrlich destroyed himself in the debates.He only offered 4 more years of partisan rancor.

  2. Rasmussen has O'Malley up by 10 now. 52-42. Ehrlich can't get above 42 regardless of the poll