Thursday, October 21, 2010

Patuxent Newspapers Back Bob

In the newspaper endorsements contest, Bob Ehrlich jumps ahead 3-2, with Patuxent Newspapers throwing its support behind him.

I find the newspaper’s contention that Ehrlich “showed more of a willingness to hold the line on spending” than his opponent curious, especially given the pre-election spending spree the Ehrlich Administration embarked on during its last year in office. But, I suppose I get their broader point.

Excerpts from the endorsement appear below:

“Ultimately, though, there are good reasons to support a candidate. Cutting through the campaign noise, the race comes down to the question of who would best lead the state out of the current financial crisis.

“We believe that leader is Robert Ehrlich.

“In his four years as governor, Ehrlich showed more of a willingness to hold the line on spending than Martin O'Malley has, a willingness that is still necessary in these difficult times.

“In addition, his Republican voice -- a moderate Republican voice -- would be a welcome counter-balance on not only budget matters but in other important challenges facing the state, from managing growth to attracting business.

“As governor, Ehrlich proved that he was willing to work with the Democratic legislature, yet not compromise on critical issues.

“Some would call that gridlock. We call it checks and balances.

“Given the critical fiscal issues ahead, a two-party debate is necessary. And since the legislature isn't going to find a political balance anytime soon, the election of Ehrlich could bring that balance.”

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  1. WOW! GAME CHANGER/ It's over for O'Malley

    serious -WGAF about their rags and their endorsement.