Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Prince Is Back in the House

I was pleased to see my friend and fellow mischief-making blogger Joe Steffen aka the "Prince of Darkness" has resurfaced, opining his vlews about alleged attempts by Team Ehrlich to blame him for the Philadelphia homeless busing imbroglio in 2006.

I hope that Steffen's foes in the Ehrlich camp haven't engaged in such a whispering campaign, which would be stupid as well as just plain silly. After Steffen was outed by the Washington Post for discussing already widely disseminated, pre-existing rumors about then-Mayor O'Malley's personal life on a conservative blog, the only person in Ehrlich world willing to even admit he knew Steffen publicly was, well, me.

So, it makes little sense that someone who was politically radioactive, who Paul Schurick called "irrelevant to our world," who could not get people who had pledged their help to even return his calls, would be put in charge of a high risk, harebrained operation which could, and did, blow up in their faces.

Whoever's responsible for floating the rumor about Steffen should grow up and focus on matters at hand. When it comes to meat ax politics, certain people were more successful at it when they weren't using the Internet, and instead relying on old school methods.

Like pink stationery.


  1. The phony flier story is getting traction. Jayne Miller had Ehrlich looking very uncomfortable last night on the eleven o'clock news.

  2. It was undereported in 2006 because it was overshadowed by the election results. A very shrewd move by O'Malley to focus on the phony fliers without cluttering the message like Ehrlich's does repeatedly.