Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rudy The G Coming To Town For Ehrlich

Team Ehrlich is bringing in one of its celebrity mainstays – former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani – for a rally in Montgomery County on Sunday, October 24th at High Point Farm.

The campaign brought Giuliani into Montgomery County at a rally late in the campaign in 2002, and has frequently used him as a fundraising draw. Ehrlich originally supported Giuliani in the 2008 presidential primaries.

Bringing Giuliani back is a worthwhile thing to do. Remaining skeptical of Ehrlich’s ability to improve his performance in Montgomery, I would probably suggest that Howard County is the venue where Rudy could deliver the most value so late in the game.  


  1. You mean the Rudy Giuliani with 4,548 votes in the Maryland 2008 primary?

  2. Maybe Bob will provide free bus transportation to homelesss African American men to attend the rally like he did last election to hand out phony ballots. See Jayne Miller ask him about the incident. Watch his hysterical attempts to deflect and his body language that screams "I am not forthright."

    Bob, KENDALL GAVE THE PEP TALK! You don't know? Really? RJC, did you write her speech that day or did she use her standard speech for exploited humans?

  3. Anon @ 10/20 @ 11:01

    Nope, had no role in that fiasco whatsoever. You'd want to talk to Bernie Marczyk and Ed Miller about that.