Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Advice for Team Ehrlich...

Numerous sources continue to tell me that Team Ehrlich’s fundraising has hit a brick wall.  I can only assume that today’s news of another poll showing momentum for Martin O’Malley, and the RGA abandoning its planned DC media buy, will only make this situation even more dire.

Amid this bad news, I have a suggestion for the Ehrlich campaign.

Over the past four years, Team Ehrlich’s single biggest expense has been its payroll. As of the last campaign finance report, the campaign had paid out $741,079 in salaries – or 35.26 percent of its total expenditures. Further, as I blogged earlier, many members of Team Ehrlich and their family members are being compensated at a far more generous rate than their counterparts in the O’Malley campaign.

Now, with just two weeks left, Team Ehrlich has an opportunity to give something back to the man who has given so much to them by foregoing their salaries for the balance of the campaign.

The monies could be used to fund a series of last-minute radio ads in Western Maryland, where Ehrlich needs to rack up big numbers, and on WBAL radio, where – ironically – the campaign has had no ad presence.

So what do you say guys? Would you be willing to put those precious campaign dollars towards where they could do the most good?  Is Bob Ehrlich worth the sacrifice? I think so. Don't you?


  1. You are assuming payroll can be met. Advertising time is being bought on a pay as you go method, unusual for a campaign this late; you are right they are silent on radio.

    Giving up last checks is a no brainer if one beleives in their candidate; raising money after a win is easy.

    RJC, have you ever seen a statewide campaign with such a viable ticket, in a great environment hit the skids this hard? Day after day, bad news comes. Campaign spokesman Blair Lee tries his best to make lemonade, but its beginning to get old. Could every poll be wrong? Can every endorsement, ie Post, mean nothing? Can poor peformances in debates really be forgotten? Can a 2.5 to 1 fundraising disadvantage count for nothing? Can it just rain realllly reallly hard?

  2. Knowing Ehrlich he is probably charging everything and bragging about how much cash on hand he has. He did this to MD taxpayers in 2006.

  3. Erhlich is flush with cash, this from today's sun: (Though if true, what is he waiting for?)

    Ehrlich reports raising $2.8 million
    The Republican former governor, down in recent polls, has been raising significant amounts of campaign money, his aides say. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. and running mate Mary Kane have collected more than $2.8 million since the end of August, said Ehrlich spokesman Henry Fawell.

    The pair had about $1.77 million* left in the bank as of Sunday night, Fawell said, adding that 98 percent of the money raised came from Maryland families and small businesses and that the campaign took out no loans.

    "This strong showing demonstrates that Maryland families and small businesses continue to embrace Bob Ehrlich’s vision of strong leadership to create more jobs, lower taxes, and hold the line on government spending," Fawell said in an email.

    There might be a damage-control aspect to releasing the numbers this morning.

    Also out this morning is a Gonzales poll showing Gov. Martin O'Malley ahead by five points -- the third survey in recent weeks with the Democratic incumbent leading Ehrlich. And yesterday, we reported that the cash-flush Republican Governors Association had cut at least one ad buy for Ehrlich.

    The last campaign finance reporting period before the Nov. 2 election closed Sunday night. Reports are due just before midnight Saturday to the State Board of Elections, meaning we might not see the official documents until this weekend or early next week.

    O'Malley's campaign hasn't released his numbers yet, but as of the last reporting period, which became public in early September, he had $6.5 million in the bank, compared to Ehrlich's $2.5 million at the time

  4. Gilchrest just endorsed O'Malley? RJC what is the story here? Weren't Ehrlich and Gilchrest in Congress together?

  5. To know Ehrlich is to dislike Ehrlich.

  6. What is the story? The story is that Ehrlich actively endorsed and campaigned for the man who beat Gilchrest in the GOP primary 2 years ago. That's the story.

  7. I don't begrudge Ehrlich's grudge against Gilchrest. Not only did he show up in Annapolis to testify against Ehrlich's signature initiative - slots - his people didn't even give Ehrlich's people advance notice. This came after Ehrlich campaigned for Gilchrest in the 2002 GOP primary.

  8. Gilchrest was representing his district. Ehrlich's plan would of enriched his pals at the expense of Ocean City. Bobby Grudgematch sold out the GOP because of this. Did Gilchrest support Ehrlich in 2002? Wayen is a class act. Bob is not.

  9. Let's be honest about the Gilchrest relationship. In the years prior to Gilchrest's testimony on slots, Ehrlich never returned a single phone call from the congressman nor did he ever invite him to Government House. The same goes for Roscoe. Sounds a lot like how he treated Jim Smith. You know . . .those simple little gestures go a long way (in both directions). I have to wonder if Massoni or Schurick told him to ignore people? What do you think RJC?

  10. Anon @ 10/19 @ 17:32:

    What's your source on Ehrlich not inviting Roscoe and Wayne to Government House? I specifically remember seeing Roscoe at GH. That's BS.

    As for Jim Smith, well, the Dems accuse Ehrlich of whining. Isn't Smith doing the same thing with his door hangers and radio ads?