Monday, October 25, 2010

Team Ehrlich Responds to WaPo, Sun Polls


October 25, 2010


Flawed Polls Miss Ehrlich's Momentum

* You know political polling is flawed when The (Baltimore) Sun
editorial board throws cold water on its own paper's poll, but that's
 exactly what happened this weekend.

* The Sun wrote of its own flawed poll that it, "wouldn't bet"
on those flawed results materializing. - The Baltimore Sun, October 24,

* The new Washington Post poll is no more reliable. 40 percent
 of those surveyed in today's Post poll do not even describe themselves
 as likely voters, meaning that the results are diluted by individuals
 who are less likely to vote.

* Bob Ehrlich has momentum going into the final week of the
campaign for three reasons:

o Incredible fundraising reports showing that Marylanders helped Bob
Ehrlich nearly double Martin O'Malley in his last fundraising report;

o Strong endorsements from newspapers, fire-fighters, and police
 officers across the state;

o Economic Stagnation as Maryland's unemployment rate ticked up yet
again to 7.5% under Martin O'Malley - double the rate when O'Malley took


Authority: Bob Ehrlich for Maryland Committee
 H. Terry Hancock, Treasurer


  1. Laughable. It is so over and Ehrlich's folks have known it for a long time.

  2. Oh I get it, the Sun poll is wrong. The Post polls are both wrong. Rasmussan's two polls are wrong. Fees really are not taxes. Bob really won those debates. Paul is worth every penny. Mary is gonna deliver Mont County. O'Malley is tanking in the polls, his ads don't work. O'Malley will be looking for a job in a few weeks. Bob only needed to do one event yesterday, he did work Sunday. got those O'Malley guys right where we want em, we got the big mo on our side!

  3. Ehrlich ran for Governor and all we got was a vanity fashion show for Kendel.