Sunday, October 3, 2010

Team Ehrlich's Own Week in Review

From: Alison Jessie
Subject: Week in Review From the Ehrlich Campaign for September 25th -
October 1st
Date: Friday, October 1, 2010, 6:52 PM

*Week in Review From the Ehrlich Campaign for September 25th - October 1st :


·         *Scandal: *Monday, Bob Ehrlich and state lawmakers took Martin
O’Malley to task for covering up a jobs report that signaled Maryland’s
economy was faltering.  Last month, the state’s Department of Labor,
Licensing and Regulation posted a jobs analysis report on their website.
Within hours the report had been removed and was replaced with an inaccurate
report that sounded more like Martin O’Malley’s campaign speeches.  Bob
said, “This kind of unethical conduct will end on day one of the Ehrlich
administration.”  Read more on the cover up below in  Governor O’Malley’s
week. To learn more about this cover-up read “Martin O’Malley’s Week” below.

·         *Three Endorsements*:  This week Bob accepted endorsements from
former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, former New York City Mayor Rudy
Giuliani, and the National Federation of Independent Business.  Governor
Romney said, that Bob “understands that the path to economic recovery in
Maryland and America begins with empowering entrepreneurs, lowering the tax
burden on hardworking families, and reining in government spending.”  Not be
outdone, Mayor Giuliani, said “There is only one candidate running for
Governor of Maryland who is capable of restoring Maryland’s economy and that
is Bob Ehrlich.”  Mayor Giuliani also added that during the Gov’s first
term, “he helped create 100,000 private sector jobs and defeated or vetoed
$7.5 billion in new taxes.”  Both Governor Romney and Mayor Giuliani know
that Bob is the candidate that can create jobs and lower taxes. As Mayor
Giuliani said, Bob is “exactly what Maryland needs.”

·         *New Television Ad: *The Bob Ehrlich for Maryland campaign
released a new television advertisement title “Stalled”, which will air in
the Baltimore market beginning this weekend.  The ad focuses on Maryland’s
stalled economy and Martin O’Malley’s efforts to cover up his failure to
create new jobs. The ad can be viewed by clicking

·         *Road Map to 2020:  *The Gov spoke to the Independent Electrical
Contractors (IEC) Chesapeake about Maryland’s business climate and his
vision for the state.  He discussed the Road Map to 2020 and his vision for
Maryland.   As governor he will create a business climate that empowers
small businesses.* * Maryland’s unemployment has doubled from 2006 to 2010
and 3,000 small businesses shut their doors.  To revitalize Maryland’s
economy, a fundamental shift in leadership is needed in state government.

·         *Protecting Soldiers’ Voting Rights:  *Bob spoke this week on
veteran voting rights and the state’s lack of respect for military men and
women serving overseas. Two months ago Maryland was seeking a waiver to
avoid complying with the MOVE Act, legislation ensuring that servicemen and
women serving overseas have ample time to vote via absentee ballot.  The
state claims they are in compliance by sending only the federal absentee
ballots within the allotted 45 days and sending state wide ballots,
including gubernatorial ballots in October.  Bob called on Governor O’Malley
to explain to Maryland’s proud service men and women why the state was
making it more difficult for soldiers overseas to vote.

* *


·         Martin O’Malley’s began his week with a reminder that when he’s
not making stuff up, he’s covering stuff up.  The emails from O’Malley’s
Department of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation (DLLR) showed that orders to
suppress the jobs report were, *“coming straight from the top” *and with
full knowledge of Governor O’Malley’s office.  That same employee
wrote *“whatever we can do to make it [the jobs report] disappear, we need to do it.”*  After O’Malley’s advisors pulled the report from public view, they actually
rewrote it to make it support O’Malley’s campaign theme that Maryland’s
economy was stronger than it really was. On Sunday, August 25th, the
Baltimore Sun editorial board wrote that the O’Malley Administration “*insulted
voters’ intelligence*” and asked, “*If the professionals in the department
think there is cause for concern, do we not have a right to know*?”  Copies
of the emails can be viewed by clicking
The bottom line is….Martin O’Malley will do and say anything to get
re-elected, including making stuff up about Maryland’s economy to mislead
the public and force public employees to suppress the truth.  With 216,000
Marylanders unemployed and 3,000 small businesses closed on O’Malley’s
watch, Maryland’s economy is stuck -- even if Martin O’Malley doesn’t want
you to know it.

·         But wait..there’s more.  Additional emails between Governor Martin
O’Malley’s advisors shed light on the O’Malley Administration’s strategy to
cover up a July Jobs Report that repudiated O’Malley’s upbeat assessment of
Maryland’s economy. The emails were obtained through Public Information Act
requests.  Highlights of the newest emails include Governor O’Malley Cabinet
Secretary Alex Sanchez congratulating his staff for suppressing the
pessimistic jobs report and replacing it with an edited version that
supported O’Malley’s campaign speeches. On the day the report is suppressed,
Sanchez’s Communications Director notifies Martin O’Malley’s press secretary
that he is going on*, “an extraordinarily well-time vacation*.”*   *Click
here <> to view the
additional emails.* *


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  1. Richard,

    This ad is fine, but it seems like inside baseball, most Marylanders don't know DLLR or Sanchez.

    Ehrlich would do better to make the case as to what his accomplishments are and will be as it seems that his only strategy, much like 2006 is other guy is bad, vote for me. O'Malley's ad strategy seems more coordinated, he bangs on Ehrlich for his tax and spend record, his integrity and follows up with accomplishment ads.

    Ehrlich is in trouble. His poor record of governing and the abandonment of conservative principles has softenend his appeal. O'Malley's campaign core is more talented, much sharper. The personal animus between the camps will keep this race tense; the results won't be too close. O'Malley will go north of 52 in this race.