Sunday, October 17, 2010

WaPo Endorses O'Malley This Time

The Washington Post, which endorsed Governor Ehrlich four years ago amid reports that challenger O'Malley flubbed his appearance before the editorial board, has changed course and endorsed O'Malley this year.

Here are excerpts from the Post's endorsement:

“It was partly on that record of moderation that we endorsed Mr. Ehrlich for reelection four years ago. Our reasoning then was that Mr. O'Malley, despite an impressive record as mayor of Baltimore, had failed to make a persuasive case for toppling a generally proficient incumbent. We also worried that replacing Mr. Ehrlich, the first Republican in a generation to serve as Maryland's chief executive, would restore one-party Democratic rule to Annapolis, along with its corrupting tendencies.

“Now, in their rematch, we remain worried about one-party rule -- specifically, that a state lacking a genuine contest of ideas and outlooks is unlikely to be well governed in the long term. But while Mr. O'Malley can be flippant and occasionally disingenuous, he remains at heart a wonkish, disciplined, good-government Democrat."


  1. Looks like another tough day for the Ehrlich campaign. Additionally, the Easton paper the Easton Star Democrat endorsed O'Malley saying "Returning Gov. Robert Ehrlich to Annapolis just doesn't seem like the right move for Maryland's future. His late entry into this contest and his previous fiscal policies seem out of step for the times we now face."

    RJC, with the low buy, the poor debates, the endorsements not going their way, what now? Rain dance?

  2. @Anonymous 11:08

    With everything going against team Bob, look for some of his typical dirty gutter politics.

  3. Blair Lee will break his back trying to spin this into an Ehrlich positive. In 2006 he proclaimed voters would march into the polls with copies of the WaPo tucked under their arms and vote for Ehrlich.

  4. Easton Star Democrat October 17th

    Governor- Martin O'Malley. Mr. O'Malley, like many governors throughout the nation, has faced revenue shortfalls while still trying to manage the state's budget and services in a downturn economy. His decisions haven't always been popular, but he has had a unique set of challenges to face as Marylanders cope with job losses, business closures, and losing their homes. We appreciate that he has focused on education-Maryland's schools have twice been named best in the nation-and helping college students by not increasing tuition costs at state's colleges and universities. Returning Robert Ehrlich to Annapolis just doesnt seem like the right move for Maryland's future. His late entry into this contest and his previous fiscal policies seem out of step for the times we now face.

  5. In my opinion, newspaper endorsements only have a significant impact when they are surprising. In other words, if a big liberal paper endorses a Republican, it catches people's attention. If it endorses a Democrat, it's matters less.

  6. You may have a point, however at what point do all these things start to add up? What does Ehrlich do to reverse the trend. There are effectively 14 days til election day and Ehrlich seems to never win a day.

    A boxing match is made up of exchanges, if a fighter never wins an exchange he loses the fight. In politics, same thing occurs. YOu got to win exchanges-endorsements, debates, sign battles, newspaper headlines, fundraising, commercials, door knocking, mailers-other than maybe signs in some areas, what was the last exchange Bob won?

    THe Governor is racking up rounds, in a one sided fashion. Ehrlich campaign has smell of desperation about it. Bob and Kendall hate, hate, hate to lose, hate not to be competitive. These continual lost battles are demoralizing them; they are now in the unenviable position of praying for the right turnout.

  7. I think Ehrlich won the Post debate, so that would be the last exchange he won in my view.

  8. Ok, but the general consesus was Ehrlich improved over Monday's disaster but overall it was a draw.

    Well there is another exchange about to occur, the Gonzales poll is due any day now as they were in the field last week.

    If Ehrlich is not within the margin of error, he will have suffered another deep cut. Not that these polls are deadly accurate, however within the last couple weeks they are important for morale and voter base confidence.

  9. I agree that the next poll is vital for Ehrlich. Absolutely critical. Also agree he needs to be within the margin of error. We'll know soon.