Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blogger's Blackout

So, I am headed to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving to visit my dear friend Felicite and her wonderful family, who were kind enough to take a straggler like me in for the long holiday weekend. For those of you who've heard me talk about Felicite, here is a picture. The mother of three great kids, Felicite is my second favorite "mom" of all time. High praise, indeed.

Sean, her husband, is a good guy too. After all, not too many people would let me kidnap their wife for an evening for the purpose of taking her to see Lady GaGa.

The trip's a good thing, of course. But, it will mean that I won't be as diligent in updating my blog for the next several days. Hopefully Julius Henson or certain former coworkers of mine won't get indicted during that period of time. But if it happens, I promise to find a Kinko's in Edmond, OK, get on a computer, and speak my peace.

Assuming that doesn't happen, I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. And, thanks for supporting this blog. I feel pretty good at where things stand with it after just three months of blogging. I'm grateful for the support you've shown.


  1. Hope you report on your experiences with Paul Blart TSA Airport Cop.

  2. Massoni and Sliwka would be perfect in that role...because John Candy and Chris Farley arent with us

  3. Donate to Barack Obama and take another man's wife to Lady GaGa. If I had to pick a movie character I think I would go with Robbie in The Wedding Singer. In a close second Zack in Wedding Crashers.