Friday, November 19, 2010

Four People Who Should Be Running For GOP Chairman

With so much of the news coverage of the unfolding race for state GOP chairman focusing on the “Who has climbed into the race today” aspect of it, I decided to indulge myself by looking at the four candidates I wish were running.

I picked each one in part because they have prior political experience under their belts. But, the main reason is that none is confined by that experience. Each retains the potential to be a strong, forward-looking leader. And, none is inexorably tied to any former candidate’s camp or faction within the party:

1)      Ken Holt: The former Baltimore County legislator and 2010 nominee for County Executive ran a decent race in an adverse year for county Republicans. He comes from a financial background, which means he has access to a new potential donor pool for the party. He speaks with authority on budget and taxation matters, which means he could serve as the party’s most able spokesman during some of the fiscal battles looming on the horizon. And, he kind of looks like Ronald Reagan – not a bad quality in a GOP chairman.

2)      Marty Madden: Few people in state GOP circles have a better feel for the tactics and strategies needed to win elections than this former state senator. He long represented a district in increasingly liberal Howard County, which means that he has a feel for issues that appeal to swing suburban voters. He is universally respected across the political landscape. And, based on my own dealings with him, I expect he would be the kind of chairman not averse to innovation and applying out of the box thinking, rather than relying on the same old tactics and personalities.

3)      Bob Flanagan: This former legislator and MDOT Secretary came up short in his bid for the Howard County Council, but I think he still has a lot to offer.  He is one of the smarter players in the party. He represents a proper balance of intellect and partisanship. He has the substance to engage the Democrats on policy, and the energy to fire up the GOP base.

4)      Delegate Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio: Just elected to her third term in the Maryland House of Delegates, Delegate Haddaway-Riccio personifies the future of the GOP in Maryland. Young, energetic, smart, and accomplished, she is a citizen legislator with an impressive record as a civic activist and an entrepreneur. Hardly a creature of Annapolis, she is a legislator whose feet are planted squarely in the real world. As chairman, she could easily connect with, inspire, and motivate young people to give the GOP a chance.

Those are my four “dream picks.” Of course, I would want to see each candidate’s plan before deciding which one should get the job. But, so far, I like my fantasy picks better than any of the actual candidates.


  1. Weren't you working for Ken Holt?

  2. Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio personifies the future of the GOP in Maryland?? NO wonder this state is 3 to 1 Democratic. Haddaway-Riccio best known for her online dating legislation that would have required Maryland residents to be FINGER PRINTED before using online dating sites with foreign nationals!! Jeannie epitomizes the Nanny State government. Aside from the stripping of constitutional rights what a complete waste of tax payer’s money when the State is bankrupt! This is the future of the Republican Party in Maryland- you have to be kidding!!!

  3. Delegate Jeannie Haddaway's best attributes are her smile and attractiveness, but beneath this facade is a phony Republican, who seems obsessed with passing laws calling for increased wasteful government spending and control of our private lives. She was the only sponsor of a rather wasteful, ridiculous law that would have required dangerous dogs to be spayed or neutered. Commons sense say that dangerous dogs should be confined or exterminated- not neutered.

    Delegate Haddaway spent enormous amounts of taxpayers money and was the primary promoter of an intensively controversial law that shockingly required Maryland citizens to submit their fingerprints and police records if they use a dating site site to communicate with foreigners. Delegate Haddaway introduced the romance law, to appease her friend, Julie Janovsky, an Advocacy group lobbyist,looking for publicity and MONEY for her organization.


  4. Anon @ 11/22 @ 16:39:

    Yes, I worked for Holt on a few writing projects, but not as an employee. I worked for Eric Wargotz, too. That I included one man on this list but not the other should speak volumes.

  5. Jeannie Haddaway thinks that Maryland men are so dangerous that they must be fingerprinted before they can send an email to a foreign woman via a dating site. At least that describes the legislation she sponsored. While the fingerprint provision was taken out, the legislation survived and became law and now thanks to this woman it is a criminal offense to write to a foreigner without first being investigated. This woman is really a liberal Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

  6. Jeannie Haddaway is a FemiNazi.

    Since when are American men considered to be a threat just because they want to email a foreign woman?

    Answer. When delusional feminists think they are.

  7. These guys have been harrassing Haddaway since last session. She had to have a police escort to her hearing it was so bad. And yet, the bill passed both houses with wide bipartisan support...get over it. She's a young, up and coming delegate that is widely respected in Annapolis and would make a great GOP Chairman.

  8. Your comments praising Delegate Haddaway are dilusional. After all, it was Delegate Haddaway who proposed to spend (waste) Maryland taxpayer dollars for a replica(phony)lighthouse on the Eastern Shore. Her spending request comes at a time when the state of Maryland is facing a $1 budget cut. Just as sure as the phony lighthouse is a blatant waste, Haddaway is a phony politican who gives lip service for fiscal government restraint, while doing exactly the opposite. What a hypocrite!