Monday, November 8, 2010

Lessons Learned...

Chris Cavey, Team Ehrlich's able Field Director, published these sixteen observations gleaned from his recent campaign experience on his Facebook page. I reprint them here with his permission:
  1. Rally signs don’t vote.
  2. Poll workers are not needed if there is no GOTV.
  3. You can never have enough money for an air game.
  4. Lit drops just make you the mailman – not a candidate.
  5. Big 4X8 signs don’t vote.
  6. Sign waiving is a useless activity – contact a voter instead.
  7. You can never make enough GOTV phone calls.
  8. Poll watchers are important eyes for any candidate.
  9. Air game beats a ground game.
  10. Literature is like a safety blanket – something to hold.
  11. Lawn signs don’t vote.
  12. Trust the science not your eyes.
  13. Never trust your “gut.”
  14. Organization is important.
  15. It’s all about numbers and money.
  16. Signs don’t vote.


  1. if signs don't vote...then why were Ehrlich signs everywhere? cavey has some explaining to do..

  2. So, paying people to put up a gazillion signs on the night before the election with money that could have bought you an actual organization, if you'd simply been willing to make a modest investment in helping local candidates who HAD a local organization wasn't that smart after all, was it Chris?

  3. As was seen in many campaigns across this country recently; money, organization, signs, etc, etc, etc, mean nothing without a credible candidate.
    The candidate must reflect the times. A bad candidate = a bad campaign = a lost campaign.

  4. 17. Sometimes you DON'T get what you pay for.
    18. It's better to hire competent outsiders than incompetent sychophant yes-men.
    19. 17+18.

  5. Moshe says...

    17. Political insiders cannot reach outside the base.
    18. Doing the same thing with the same people produces the same results.
    19. 99% of consultants cost more than their value
    20. Young people can be more than interns

  6. 17. If you're going to suppress the black vote via robocalls, remember to use a private originating phone number.

  7. Carvey...everyone knows the REAL reason why you are attacking the Ehrlich camp is that Ehrlich is backing Larry Hogan for head of the MDGOP and not you. Most of us always knew you were a friend of Steffen and Richard so keep talking your crap. We see your true colours shining true. Traitor.

  8. Ehrlich is finished. Audrey Scott is finshed. Larry the PERJURER is finished, Paul,Greg,Henry and the other followers are finished. Julius Henson will over over and sing like a bird.

    Bob Ehrlich is the black knight in Holy Grail. O'Malley just chopped off his arms and legs.

  9. Anon @11/9 @ 20:23:

    Doesn't sound like Cavey is "attacking" Team Ehrlich. It sounds like he's using his experience to make a few sound, constructive observations, many of which are already painfully apparently in the wake of Ehrlich's blowout loss.

    Telling the truth doesn't make you a "traitor." And blind loyalty to ideas and strategies that failed do not make you "loyal."

  10. Anon at 2023 on 11/9:

    Seriously my friend, who cares who Bobby Ehrlich is backing for Party Chair? He is done. Toast. After that loss his opinion means nothing. After this robo call issue is played out his opinion will mean less than nothing.

    It is people like you, not Cavey, Cross or Steffen, that will hold back the growth of the party. Ehrlich has become a joke and you are one of the jesters still pushing him.