Monday, November 22, 2010

An Oldie But A Goodie

So, when I first learned about this whole name change nonsense about which I just blogged, it inspired me to do a bit of snooping of my own.

And after about 15 minutes, I came across this tidbit from the March 4, 2004 edition of the Washington Post (Page T.11, Section 3):

“As Ehrlich's communications director, Paul Schurick speaks for a Republican. But he's still a registered Democrat and, as such, voted in Tuesday's presidential primary.

“And his choice was . . . New York civil rights activist Al Sharpton.

“Why? ‘I like him,’ Schurick said. ‘He mixes things up. I like people who mix things up.’”

A controversial figure in American politics, Reverend Al's critics accuse him of having practiced an incendiary, divisive brand of racial politics at certain times during his activist career.

“I like people who mix things up.” Hmmmmmm….

Like Julius Henson?

That certainly explains a lot, doesn’t it?


  1. On the name change game why did you go from Richard Cross II to Richard Cross III?

  2. Not Jr to III but II to III.

  3. Anon:

    I didn't. As I stated above, I went from RJC Jr. to RJC III for the reasons expressed above. The court order, and the amended birth certificate, both say Jr./III. Not sure where you're getting your info.

  4. Speaking of names does Joe Amic ring a bell? (not really a name, but a poster handle).

  5. Anon: No, it doesn't. I don't post under anonymous names. Negates the reason I started this blog. RJC

  6. but does Paul Schurick?
    We know Ryan Nawrocki posted under Yellow Timbers
    We know Bryan Shuy posted under Geevil
    We know Jeff W posted under numerous names
    We knoe Judy B posts as Virginia Poe.

  7. And,

    "ChesapeakeTerp": Greg Massoni.
    "Kitty": Chris Massoni.

  8. "EMOtional Friend": O'Malley
    "Omar": Cross
    "octoburn": Steffen

  9. Pat McDonough , Rick Impallaria, Wade Kach and JB Jennings and maybe Todd Huff by virtue of an easier district are the strong Republicans and the others are impotent and dead men walking politically. See what Howard redistricting did in '02 - you have the Kittleman- Fox district and das it.

    - Sue Aumann is a reasonable person but because of the partisanship and conduct of Frank , theyll both be drawn into the 11th and cannot beat the Zirkin ticket, If Zirkin takes a higher office and Morhaim runs for the Senate , then Sue has a fighting chance but otherwise, nah, Shame too, because Fiastro is an affable guy who shows a great deal of promise. people like him.

    - The "New 42" willtake in pieces of black Towson and go to Hillendale and Loch Raven and maybe more of Pikesville, and thats how Brochin will get his three dems including Laugherty

    - Cluster and Boteler will be split between the 6th and 7th and possibly one will sneak through and take our Szeliga who will have no leg to stand on as Boss Andy will join Newton Steers (1976-78 ) , Bob Ehrlich , and Glenn Beall JR (!971-77, shellacked by Corpse Sarbanes) as one term wonders .

    - Theyre gonna take Cherry Hill and Randallstown and Pikesville from Elijah, Boss Hogg and Junior's districts and make Kratovil MD's Grover Cleveland. Sorry Andy.

    - Roscoe's distrtict gets Dan's Hill in Cumberland, Oxon Hill in PG and every barrio and Ghetto inbetween. 20 year wonder for Vincent Price runs out in 2013..

    -Elijah gets all of Carroll County. thats Glendening's / O'Malley 's f-you to a red county

  10. Perceptive One = Greg Redmer