Friday, November 12, 2010

O'Malley Beats Ehrlich in Baltimore County

The latest vote totals in Baltimore County now have Governor O'Malley achieving what many people - myself included - thought impossible: Winning Bob Ehrlich's home county by a sizable margin.

As the Baltimore Sun reports, the counting of provisional and absentee ballots has given O'Malley a 1,300 vote lead, with only about 100 absentee ballots remaining to be counted.

Team Ehrlich had sprinked the county with its signature blue and white signs during the campaign. This sign strategy had been a hallmark of Team Ehrlich's strategy going back to his legislative races. It is perhaps the most poignant example of how the campaign recycled old campaign tactics when it should have went in search of new ones.


  1. The time is approaching where the O'Malley political organization needs to be regarded as one of the very finest in recent Md history. This crew has won tough race after tough race. Remember 99? Not even in the race in June, they overcame a 30 point deficit within 90 days, despite facing a significant demographic disadvantage. They didn't split the vote in that race they took 54 percent.

    Then they become the only campaign in the country to take out an incumbent GOP Governor. Now, in the most favorable climate for r's, they destroy their opponent and defy all conventional wisdom in doing so.

    ken Ulman, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, even Barrack Obama have all had O'Malley campaign staff play a significant role in their victories. Winner of the next dem primary, see where the old O'Malley staffers go.

  2. good comment, sean.

  3. The O'Malley political machine is beneath contempt. A pack of cutthroats who smeared Ehrlich in a series of sordid TV ads in the weeks leading up to the election. Unfortunately, Ehrlich lacked the funds to fight back and refute the garbage O'Malley's sleazy organization televised. In addition to lacking the funds as he unfortunately chose to enter the race late, Former Governor Ehrlich's campaign was too laid back and was not very aggressive. When you deal with the slimeballs who make up O'Malley's political organization, you have to fight fire with fire. Too bad Bob did not do that. O'Malley and his motley crew are no doubt dreaming of a Presidential campaign. Dream on you fools! If O'Malley had made that absurd and outrageous reference to ILLEGAL ALIENS AS THE (so-called) "New Americans" in Oklahoma or Indiana, even his scummy political organization would not have saved him from being buried in a landslide. Nope, the nitwits, morons, drones and sheeple in Baltimore City and PG County voted for O'Malley in droves. Not to mention alot of idiots in Baltimore County. I also suspect that many of the "new americans" that O'Malley is so fond of werer encouraged to vote for him.

  4. Agree with Anonymous 25 Nov 18:16... O'Malley is a slime bucket... but kudos to him for an effective negative campaign. Unfortunately you can win by dragging the other guy through the mud with lies. I wish we would have just had honest debate rather than the circus with Omalley as ringmaster. However, mark my words... in two years Ehrlich will be a cabinent level member of the next Administration and O'Malley will have no where to go as ol' Mikulski won't retire. And in fours years you will see a huge Democratic primary between Brown, Gansler, and maybe even Franchot. 2012 and 2014 should be fun to watch...