Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quotables From The 2010 Campaign...

“We cannot let a flawed poll deter Marylanders from voting for strong leadership on November 2nd… After six months of dishonest attack ads from Martin O'Malley, Bob Ehrlich has consistently closed the gap with a concrete plan to get Maryland working again.  Bob takes clear momentum in to the final days of this campaign."
Ehrlich Communications Director Henry Fawell rebutting a late Baltimore Sun poll that had O’Malley leading by 14 points. The final result of the election: O’Malley 56 percent, Ehrlich 42 percent.

“I’m new at this and I don’t know what I’m doing.”
Ehrlich campaign spokesman Andy Barth. Several people reported hearing him say variants of this remark on different occasions

“They say he flies into a rage whenever (Joe Steffen’s) name is mentioned.”
Former Ehrlich aide Craig Chesek. The “he” in question: Ehrlich Political Director Bernie Marczyk, who took issue with this blog posting by Steffen.

“If someone breaks into my house, do they become a new member of the family for the night?”
Bob Ehrlich. This zinger from the Washington Post debate was Ehrlich’s high-water mark of the campaign.

“Trust you? Trust you?”
Governor Martin O’Malley, responding to something Ehrlich said during the WJZ debate.

“Why give the exact same job back to someone who failed at it last time?”
Ehrlich fundraiser Elaine Pevenstein critiquing another Ehrlich campaign staffer

“I'm not going to throw Bob Ehrlich or Bob Ehrlich's team under the bus. It was a decision that was made in the heat of the campaign."
Ehrlich political operative Julius Henson, who, through this statement, effectively DID throw Ehrlich team members “under the bus” by implicating them in the decision-making process for the infamous “Relax” robocall.

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