Friday, November 19, 2010

"Republicans For Oliver" Redux

It seems that my blog posting yesterday about Baltimore County Republican Chairman Tony Campbell's harebrained idea to get the County GOP to endorse Ken Oliver as chairman of the Baltimore County Council caused a few waves.

As Patuxent Newspaper's Steve Schuster reported, Campbell and others are quite angry that the email leaked. Indeed, some would even like to identify and punish the Central Committee Executive Board member who shared it with me.

Rest assured, folks...none of the Central Committee Executive Board members who actually received the email from Campbell sent it to me. I received it from a third-party source who, in turn, had gotten it from one of the original recipients.

Campbell insisted that the idea was effectively "dead" by the time I blogged about it. Still, I feel it provided useful insight into the decision-making process of the County's new chairman, the former national spokesman for "Republicans for Obama." For a Republican county chairman to even consider endorsing a convicted campaign fund thief, let alone a Democrat, for high county office raises legitimate questions about Campbell's judgment.

Further, it should be noted that, in his email, Campbell stated he would speak out "as a private citizen" in favor of Oliver's candidacy for chairman even if the Central Committee refused to support him. Well, the Central Committee has said no. Is private citizen Campbell still going to endorse him? And, how will that sit with Central Committee members? Stay tuned.

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