Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Republicans for....Oliver?"

Well, it looks like Tony "Republicans for Obama" Campbell has reverted to bipartisan form.

Campbell, who scored an upset victory in the race for chairman of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, has asked the members of that body's executive board to consider endorsing Baltimore County Councilman Ken Oliver to succeed John "Johnny O" Olszewski as Council chairman. As you might remember, Campbell served as national spokesman of "Republicans for Obama" in 2008.

Candidates for local office in Baltimore County in 2010 emphasized themes of good governance, transparency, and accountability in their campaigns. It therefore makes little sense that the party's new chairman would push an ethically tainted councilman for chairman. Republicans in Baltimore County are supposed to offer an alternative to, rather than endorse, the excesses of the status quo.

What's next for Chairman Campbell? "Republicans for Rangle?"

The text of Campbell's email to the central committee members appears below...

From: Antonio Campbell
Sent: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 1:29 PM
To: Al Mendelsohn; Tom Henry; Ken Anderson; Steve Chan; Herman Wood; Chris Defeo
Subject: county council chair

An opportunity to change the political game and our future fortunes in Baltimore County has presented itself to me.  As you know, five members of the County Council are new to the office including two of our own, David Marks and Todd Huff.  Johnny O has been chair of the body and expects to be re-elected to the position.

I think it would be a good move politically for the Republican Party to support Ken Oliver to become the first African-American chair of the County Council.  Historically, Democrats have taken the black vote for granted while not allowing them to hold high office.  In fact, the only reason Tony Brown is Lt. Governor today is because we Republicans nominated Michael Steele as our nominee in 2002.

The Chair will be a Democrat - the question is: can we put ourselves in a position to become a player in county government?

I am asking your opinion as members of the Executive Board.  As a private citizen, I will speak out about this issue.  I think it will begin a serious attempt at reaching the African-American community in Baltimore County if we take this step.



  1. Why not? We may as well continue the tradition of unabashed incompetence and corruption in the county government.

  2. When Mr. Campbell was running against Mr. Cavey, Tony blasted Chris for "endorsing" the Sitting Judges, all Democrat and two that are African-American. None of which have a criminal record.
    My question is why is it now okay for Mr. Campbell to support, endorse whatever you want to call it, a Democrat? Instead of Republicans for Obama, perhaps it will be "Republicans for Reed or Pelosi"

  3. If Mr. Campbell is so determinded to support, endorse and elect Democrats why doesn't he change his party affiliation? Guess the reason might be there is no box on the voter registration form for RINO.