Friday, November 5, 2010

Robocall Recriminations

I think I overdosed on the O’Malley-Ehrlich race on this blog in October, so I resolved not to blog about it again once the campaign ended last Tuesday. But, I wanted to comment on the robocalling scandal reported by the Baltimore Sun.

Julius Henson, a controversial political consultant retained by the Ehrlich campaign, has now admitted what everyone with half a brain already knew: He was responsible for the infamous call. Some have characterized the purpose of the call, which went to about 50,000 homes, as tricking Democratic voters into not voting.

Henson explains the call thusly: “‘I'm on the Bob Ehrlich team, and we thought a call like that would help, and we made the [decision],’" he said, adding that Ehrlich ‘probably’ didn't know about it.”

I have a few comments on his comment.

First, knowing the dynamics of Team Ehrlich, I’m confident Bob Ehrlich knew nothing about that call. 
Second, even if other members of Team Ehrlich did not know about the call, I’m not sure that matters. Henson has a long history of these kinds of shenanigans. If you install a cannon on the deck of a ship and it breaks loose and starts firing, who’s to blame: The cannon or the people who put it there?

I’m quite interested to see how this all unfolds. As I have blogged before, Bob Ehrlich is a decent man. It’s sad that his career ended amid such a lopsided defeat. It is even sadder now that scandal is becoming a part of the mix. He deserved better.


  1. Richard, with all due respect, Bob Ehrlich has a history of this kind of stuff. His past would indicate he is not a decent man in that he at the very least condones, and quite possibly encourages, if not demands, this type of chicanery.

  2. A decent man would not pretend he doesn't know Joe Steffen or Michelle Lane. A decent man would not of allowed the character assaination of his primary and general election opponents throughout his entire career.
    A decent man would not have hired Julius Henson. Bob Ehrlich is a coward who has never appologized or took responsibility for anything in his life.

    bob Ehrlich is not a decent man.
    Bob Ehrlich is not a decent man.

  3. I wonder if Henson will throw Schurick under the bus, and if,in turn, Schurick will throw Ehrlich under the bus. Will Henson go to jail for Paul Schurick? Will Schurick go to jail for Bob Ehrlich? Stay tuned.