Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Team Ehrlich Puts Out "Urgent" Appeal For Turnout

Another voter turnout email just sent out by Team Ehrlich...
Dear Friends,

You have less than two hours left vote.

We are hearing turnout is light in many key districts and we need your immediate help.  The only thing stopping another four years of government overreach and fiscal irresponsibility is your vote.

Please go vote right now.  We’ve received reports of voting irregularities, which makes your vote even more important--we need your vote to ensure victory.

Voted already?

Please forward this email to ten friends and urge them to vote for Bob Ehrlich.



Paul Schurick
Campaign Manager
Bob Ehrlich For Maryland


  1. Channel 11 reports robo calls telling voters Obama and O'Malley have won the election, there is no need to go to the polls.

    Man I hope they can track this back to the source.

  2. Did they remember to change the date from 2006 to 2010?

  3. Robo calls courtesy of Ehrlich/Henson

  4. Say goodnight kendel. It's over the only question is whether it will be double digits. I hope Bob Ehrlich lives up to his word and never runs for anything else. and that goes for Kendel too.