Monday, November 15, 2010

Who's Going To Get The Gavel?

Speculation has already begun over who will be the next chair of the Maryland Republican Party. Today, one potential candidate threw her hat in the ring, and another took his out.

Recently there was chatter all over Facebook about a potential bid by former Ehrlich Appointments Secretary and short-lived gubernatorial candidate Larry Hogan. Hogan quashed such musings by posting the following statement on Facebook:
"Many people were pushing me to run for State Party Chairman, and are dissapointed (sic) that I declined the position. I believe in the party, I'm very excited about our potential in Maryland and I do plan to stay very involved. I appreciate all the support, however, as a potential candidate in 2014, I think that it's better for someone else to focus their energies on the state party HQ."
By contrast, Ehrlich's 2010 running mate Mary Kane has declared her candidacy. I think Mrs. Kane has the potential to be a strong chair. She has the charisma, energy, and sensibilities needed to bring people together. As this chairman’s race unfolds, I hope personalities are only part of the equation. I am anxious to hear about candidates' plans as well.


  1. Please -two loser Ehrlich appointees with corruption baggage. Kane with her family's business. Hogan with his Steffen related perjury.

    Get someone new, competent, Ehrlich and corruption free.

  2. I was going to run for 1st VC but naturally two people from the same county cannot win both Chairman and 1st VC. That said, unless something changes, I am not going to enter the race instead throw my support to Diana Waterman for the position of 1st VC.

    Anonymous is stating the anti-Kane line... target her husband.

    I don't buy it. Now that she's the frontman, not LTG or the chairman's wife, let's learn about her, her ideas, and her vision for Maryland. If she's got a vision and game then I can certainly support her.


  3. Hey Moshe,
    Mary was on the Board of Directors. No one cares if you don't buy it,

  4. Bernie Marczyk for GOP Chair. You heard it first on Cross Purposes... LOL!