Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Why Ehrlich Lost"

I have an op-ed in the Baltimore Sun today which presents my case as to the reasons Bob Ehrlich lost last night. Specifically, I point out the flaws in what I regard as the "most poorly conceived and executed campaign for governor of Maryland in recent memory."



  1. The title should be more accurately framed as Why Ehrlich got a massive unthinkable 14 point beatdown.(if someone offered to bet you giving Ehrlich +13% who would of turned that down?).

    The first debate was a death blow.
    Bob Ehrlich showed he learned nothing and does not care about the average citizen. O'Malley was correct that Bob lives in a fantasy world where Maryland was Nirvana when he was Governor and instantly turned into a cesspool under O'Malley.

    None of Bob's overpaid incompetent yesmen could ever dream of telling Bob to forget about O'Malley and speak to the voter. Get off his inflated ego trip an explain what he did wrong the first time and share a vision for his second chance. Of course this should of been done the past 4 years, but Ehrlich wasted it pandering to fringe supporters on WBAL and collecting millions from special interests.

    GOod riddance to Bob Ehrlich-now clean house and give the MDGOP a "lobotomy".

  2. Why O'Malley won big

    1. Ignored Bob Ehrlich personally and made his case to the voters
    2. Spent wisely on ads focusing on Bob's failed term and post term lobbying work(that's what it was)

    3. Quickly learned from the oil spillad to not to make it a National race. Kept it local.

    4. Campaigned relentlessly in Baltimore Country instead of the City and narrowly won the County as well as Howard and Charles.

    1. Actually the Maryland Democratic party is in more of a need of a lobotomy. And that also applies to the fools in Maryland who voted to re-elect O'Malley. The liberal drones in Maryland are the ones who live in a fantasy world, in which their fool of a Governor has turned the state into a haven for illegal aliens. May you continue to enjoy high taxation and big liberal government in the former free state. And you have the gall to say that O'Malley cares about the average citizen? HA!

  3. RJC,

    First and foremost, you have proven to be an outstanding political commentator. We sit in different camps, but I have very much enjoyed your unbiased look at MD politics. As all staffers know, truth tellers in any principle's camp are few and far between. the egos that drive elected are easily stroked for personal favor, often at the expense of the very public policy ideas that drive a candidate to run.

    Your editorial is outstanding. Getting in late was very damaging. Not bringing in outside professional campaign help was also a big mistake and is symptomatic of a very insecure inner circle. As close and seasoned as the O'Malley camp is, they always bring in outside senior leadership to ensure fresh perspective.

    The decision to campaign in controlled environments was also bizarre. I realize it is comfortable foe Bob but in order for the GOP to win in this state, it needs to break way outside it's comfort zone.

    Finally, the candidate seemed unprepared, unevolved considering he had a four year hiatus from office. He simply was void of new ideas, void of reforms that would improve Maryland. People liked him when he got in the race, however as he should have learned from 06 that does not win.

    As hard as this is for many to admit, Ehrlich is a very pedestrian candidate who was exposed as a poor executive. He and his team were simply unable to step up to the talent and drive of the O'Malley camp. When the final chapter is written on the Ehrlich-O'Malley elections, the conclusion is clear, Bob was outclassed and overmatched.

    I look forward to reading your blog for a long time.

  4. Anon @ 11/03 @8:28

    Thanks for the feedback, and the kind words.

    It is my intention to make this blog more about analysis than partisan polemics. I don't want this to be seen strictly as a "Republican" blog. My goal is expand my network of Democratic readers and speak to, and not lecture, that audience as well.



  5. This is a good article.

    I actually posted this to the MD Policy twitter feed (!/MDPolicy) on Wednesday. Didn't know you had a blog. I've added it to the daily reading list.

  6. Money had nothing to do with Ehrlich's defeat. Bob had a huge cash advantage in 2006 and lost. Ehrlich simply would of wasted it on signs and salaries to his flunkies. Spending tens of thousands on a vanity fashion show? His ads were poor. His attempt to blame O'Malley for the national economy was laughable.

  7. And you people think that O'Malley is so great? The man who referred to illegal aliens as "The New Americans"! Ehrlich ran a campaign that was not very aggressive, and I am sorry to say that he really didnt offer the people of Maryland any concrete solutions. But consider what the suckers out there voted for: Four more years of high taxation and spending on the part of an administration that has turned the state into a haven for ILLEGAL ALIENS. Good luck to the people of Maryland. They're going to need that and alot more.