Saturday, December 4, 2010

Carmen Amedori's Bid For Political Immortality

In hockey, they call it a "hat trick," and to my knowledge, Carmen Amedori is the only Maryland pol in recent memory to pull off its political equivalent: Three false start candidacies for three different races in the same calendar year.

First Amedori, a former delegate and State Parole Commissioner, declared her candidacy for the U. S. Senate.

Next, she abandons that race to run as insurgent GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Murphy's Lieutenant Governor candidate. She then abruptly drops out of that race in a very messy, very public manner.

Just recently, she declared her interest in running for state GOP chairman, only to - you guessed it, folks - bag that race as well.

When I think of Amedori's Olympian achievements as a serial false starter, "Fanfare for the Common Man" springs into my mind.

It would take someone with far more clinical expertise than I to crawl into Amedori's psyche and tell us what's happening there. I'm content merely to chuckle and wistfully shake my head.

So, with Amedori out of the race, and Dr. Eric "The Dialin' Doc" Wargotz and Andrew Langer taking themselves out earlier, the GOP chairman's contest seems to be Mary Kane's to lose.

As I blogged earlier, I'm trying to keep an open mind about it. I just don't want the contest to be settled by personalities at the expense of ideas, and that's exactly what seems to be happening.


  1. I'll give Carmen this-- she has provided some much needed comic relief to what on the whole looks to be a depressing business. Is the remaining field REALLY the best we can do?

  2. her postings to Joe Steffen's blog are classic. Mary Kane? Who is choosing the head of the MDGOP -Jack Kervorkian?