Monday, December 6, 2010

Moxley Named New County Lobbyist

As I blogged a few days ago, former Baltimore County Councilman Sam Moxley has landed a cushy new County job not far down the hall from his old one.

But he’s not going to be the liaison to the County Council, as I was originally told. Instead, he is going to be the County’s lobbyist, taking the job Frank Principe had before he moved onto MDOT, as reported by the Patch’s Bryan Sears.

In his story, Sears writes, “Moxley said he will work with legislators in Annapolis as well as being the liaison between County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and the County Council.”

So this means that Moxley’s new job will not be confined to Towson. Instead he’ll be presumably trekking down I-97 to Annapolis on a regular basis, buttonholing legislators in the State House, the legislative office buildings, and in the many bars and restaurants frequented by legislators and their staffs during those busy evenings during the session.

I’m biting my tongue so hard that there is blood cascading down my chin.

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  1. So, will anyone be checking Moxley's blood alcohol content?