Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Renegade Revolution Resolution

Tomorrow night, the state GOP convention convenes in Annapolis. A bunch of so-called "renegade Republicans" are still planning to host their own hospitality suite. The following resolution has been prepared as a possible statement of purpose, as well as a document to be bestowed upon insurgent candidates who defeated incumbents in primaries and then went on to win in November.

A Renegade Revolution Resolution 

WHEREAS the Maryland Republican Party at the Federal, State and Local levels has historically held a position in support of incumbent protection; and

WHEREAS both Party activists and candidates who speak the truth regarding flawed campaign strategies and the weakness of long-term ineffective incumbents often face ridicule and scorn by the party establishment; and

WHEREAS the fundamental loyalty of activists who refuse to conform to the demands of the Party establishment, or to repeat sanctioned Party- or candidate-specific messaging one knows to be wrong, is often unfairly questioned; and

WHEREAS challenging flawed, tired, or moribund establishment candidates at the ballot box, regardless of the personal consequences, is considered 'high treason' by some within the establishment; and

WHEREAS being the minority party requires backing the best, most electable candidates for office in order to hold the majority party accountable for its actions; and

WHEREAS the Party protects career politicians from contested primaries solely because of their incumbent status; and

WHEREAS advocating for and celebrating the need to do things differently – especially in the wake of the lopsided electoral defeat experienced by the Party’s gubernatorial nominee - is not a sign of disloyalty, but the necessary first step in restoring the state GOP to electoral viability; and

WHEREAS competitive primaries give voters more choices and generate excitement among the electorate, giving voters more reasons to register as Republicans; and

WHEREAS Maryland’s Republican Party has nothing to lose but its permanent minority status; now

THEREFORE, be it hereby resolved that we, Maryland's renegade Republicans, offer our sincerest appreciation for all candidates who ran for office, and won, in the face of the relentless opposition presented by the Party establishment. We also join with you in encouraging the Party establishment to unshackle from the past and move aggressively in a new direction. We also respectfully suggest to the Party that your efforts be rewarded and regarded as a formula for future electoral success. And, we respectfully remind you that, as new incumbents, we will hold you to the same degree of scrutiny as we did your predecessors. 


  1. It would be better with music, everything is.

  2. Don Murphy will perform it live.

  3. So you're sayin there's a guest list?

  4. Mark:

    No guest list. We're trying to get some successful candidates there, but no formal list. You're welcome to join us. Room 360. Don't let the velvet rope intimidate you. That's just how we renegades roll. :)

  5. There is no guest list...but be prepared to show your creds at the door ;-)

  6. If I understand this correctly, it can be summarized as:

    "Us renegades think that conservatives have been too conservative about their conservativism recently, so we've decided to shake things up with a hotel party celebrating the few republican victories we saw in such a blue election. Perhaps, through partying (and a greater willingness to take political risks), we can win some more."

    If the MDGOP is looking for a new writer that doesn't start each sentence with the same word, I'm willing to offer my services (for a price, of course)... ;)

  7. John, as far as I'm concerned, the purpose of the Room is to encourage central committee members to embrace independent thought and new ideas, respect dissent, and to demand something resembling a strategic plan from whoever the new chairman is. The party has followed a "personalities first" strategy too often in the past. The point is that those who made inroads this year were the candidates who did their own thing, and did not wait for others to give them a green light.

    It really has little to do with ideology. We want to get a dialogue going which includes views of those who are not preaching the establishment line.

    Those 40 seats gained in the last election are the beginning of a farm team. Now that we have one, we should have an idea of what to do with it.

  8. Proud none-kicked-out participant of Renegade Room's dance party!

  9. How come I wasn't invited to the Renegades Ball?