Friday, December 3, 2010

Sam Moxley and Kamenetz's Comeback Cabinet

As Bryan Sears reported in today's Patch, incoming Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has brought a number of faces familiar to Baltimore County government back into his administration.

One announcement that he did not make today but which I have heard is happening, however, is the return of Councilman Sam Moxley to County government. Well, technically he isn't returning...he's just switching desks when his term expires Monday.

I heard today that Kamenetz will name Moxley as the new Council Liaison. Presumably this will come with a fairly decent salary. However, given some of Moxley's past troubles, I'm hoping it does not come with a county vehicle.

Well, County Executive-elect Kamenetz specifically eschewed change as a theme in his campaign, instead running successfully as the status quo candidate. So, if he wants to tap people from past administrations and councils for his own government, he certainly has the standing as well as the authority to do it. Experience is not necessarily a bad thing, of course. Let's just hope that, down the road, he also seizes opportunities to recruit and groom new leaders to shape Baltimore County's future. That act alone could really help shape his legacy.

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