Saturday, December 11, 2010

"This Is My Daughter! She's 30 Years Old!"

This is the phrase former Delegate, State Parole Commissioner, and serial false start candidate Carmen Amedori kept repeating to me during an angry, bizarre, Jerry Springer-like episode at the Renegade Room event.

For the record, I barely know Amedori, and have only blogged about her penchant for getting in and then dropping out of various political races during 2010 - fair game as far as I am concerned. So, I was a little surprised when she showed up at an event where she was decidedly unwelcome, verbally accosting me, eyes a-blazin', about my alleged "blogging" about her daughter Nicole.

When enraged women attack me, it usually has to do with my misbehavior instead of my blogging, so I must say that the confrontation caught me off-guard. If I only barely know Amedori, I don't know her daughter at all. And, Nicole has certainly never been the subject of any of my blog postings.

But Maryland's resident political hat trickster insisted that she had, all the while repeating (that is, in between sexually charged personal insults leveled against me) the obvious: "This is my daughter! She's thirty years old!"


Well, I went back and looked at all my Amedori-related bloggings. This is the one that seems to be at the heart of her ire. 

An anonymous poster cut and pasted a 1998 Baltimore Sun story regarding a tawdy incident from Amedori's past as a comment to my first blog entry about Amedori's alleged state party chairman candidacy.

Anonymous posters respond to my blog postings all the time. I generally have no idea who they are. That's why they're called "anonymous." Indeed, after the incident, Joe Steffen reminded me that someone had posted a link to the same news story anonymously in response to one of his blog entries about Amedori.

I patiently tried to explain this to Amedori, but this Alex Forrest in training became so emotional and disruptive that fellow renegade Don Murphy ejected her, her daughter, and some random lackey they brought with them.

The story in question is a matter of public record, and Amedori is a former and (sometimes, at least) aspiring future public officeholder. So, when one of her critics cut and pasted an old Baltimore Sun article about her on my blog, I didn't give it a whole lot of thought. If Amedori felt strongly that its presence was unfair, she should have rationally made her case to me, emphasizing why the incident was not germane to her possible candidacy for state chairman.

But, it seems rationality is not one of her strengths.

Again, I don’t know Amedori well, but this incident taught me two things about her.

First, she's good at making a fool of herself.

Second, she sure knows how to make the wrong enemies.


  1. No respect. No respect at all.

    Man, this is a tough room.

  2. Geez, I left the room for less then ten minutes to check out another suite, and I came back to find I'd missed this show. Thanks for the hospitality. I have to say, though, on the whole your party was tamer than the lead up led me to expect.

  3. Funny thing is, if Nicole Amedori had emailed me and asked me to delete the comment that she and her mother found so offensive, I would have. But, attacking me in public, accusing me of "blogging" something I had not, and making highly inappropriate sexual comments to me typically isn't the way to get me to do what you want me to do.

  4. This was my first convention and I must say that the hospitality from this room left me with a bad taste in my mouth. You were suppose to be representing the Republican Party, but how can you when you throw people out. Who is going to want to join a party that does that kinda stuff to each other? I also would like to comment that a certain person's name was on your door, I will not name for privacy, and I mostly certainly know he would not want anything to do with this type of behavior. I know him personally and before you lay claim to any candidate I believe that you should check with them first.

  5. The only people tossed out of the room were Amedori, her daughter, and their campaign lackey - for the bad behavior which I have amply described above - and a certain well-meaning if sometimes annoying Baltimore County GOP activist.