Thursday, March 3, 2011


Though I’m a member, I’m not on Linked In very much. So, I was a little surprised today when I signed on after an absence and saw the name of one of my former State House colleagues suggested as a contact.

I have not heard very much about the activities of Team Ehrlich since the election. So, imagine my surprise when I saw that senior Ehrlich aide Paul Schurick seems to have resurfaced on the political landscape – not in Maryland, but close enough.

Ehrlich’s erstwhile communications honcho has landed at Capitol Management Initiatives, which describes itself as a "Washington DC-based strategy and public affairs firm that specializes in Targeted Advocacy.” While the firm does not identify his exact role on its own website, Schurick himself lists his title as “Of Counsel” on the publicly available version of his Linked In page.

Of Counsel is a term sometimes used by law firms to designate attorneys who do not have a client portfolio but have other responsibilities, such as business development. I assume that’s what Schurick will be trying to do for them – although, I have never seen that term used at anything but a law firm before. Maybe the culture at Womble Carlyle, where Schurick served as the firm's crisis communicator-in-chief rubbed off on him.

Anyway, I wish the big guy the best in his new role. This will give him a new challenge until the next comeback scenario arises.

In the meantime, here is Schurick’s biography from the Capitol Management website. Call it a hunch, but given its adjulatory tone, I’m guessing he wrote this all by himself.

Paul Schurick

Paul Schurick brings a seasoned political operative background and distinctive project management skills to the Capitol Management team. In a career that has embodied bipartisanship, Schurick has held policy, communications, and political jobs on both sides of the aisle. From his work at the municipal, state, and federal government levels, to his time directing a strategic communications practice group for a large law firm, he has developed a unique and well-rounded perspective of the both the public and private sectors.

With more than 30 years experience working with and influencing public policy, Schurick successfully integrated communications and policy development as a Chief of Staff and Communications Director for two Maryland governors, a big city mayor, and a Member of Congress. Having led countless efforts to ensure policy makers recognize the role proper communications and constituent engagement play in successful public initiatives, Schurick developed a reputation as an adept networker and relationship builder for the executives he served. He continues to enjoy excellent relationships among elected officials, policy makers, and private industry leaders.

His public career took him into the wheelhouse of government, where he mastered and managed media relations, contract administration, legislative affairs, budgeting, and government agency affairs. Known for his even handed approach, he has managed large staffs and project teams and directed successful efforts in government reform, transportation, economic development, gaming, public safety, and health care. Signature accomplishments include assisting with the passage of The Chesapeake Bay Restoration Act and Maryland’s first-ever charter schools law and directing the complete structural overhaul of Maryland’s state government internal and external communications systems.

As an integral member of multiple victorious state wide campaigns, including the election of a Republican to Maryland’s governorship for the first time over 35 years, Schurick has proved time and time again his proclivity for winning in tough situations. Able to manage vast political networks and organize field operations to form winning coalitions, his operational experience with voter contact and turn out is a key element to his success.

In the private sector, Schurick created and managed a strategic communications practice group for Womble Carlyle Sandrige and Rice, PLLC, a large Mid-Atlantic law firm. As he did countless times with government initiatives, he was able to successfully integrate communications plans with often-complex legal strategies for clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. He is adept at building internal and external communications strategies, including conducting communications audits, brand development, grassroots operations and preparing executives for all manners of communications challenges.

Throughout his career Schurick has shown an innate ability to organize, manage, and build lasting and strong coalitions. Schurick’s greatest strength is turning relationships into partnerships and given the great political divides that can often inhibit progress, his skill of developing and managing nontraditional partnerships has enabled him to achieve success in the most daunting of political and professional circumstances.

A native of upstate New York, Paul Schurick has lived in Maryland for 30 years, currently residing in Crownsville, Maryland with his wife Cindy and daughter Alison. He is a graduate of West Virginia University, holding Bachelors and Masters degrees in economics.


  1. Schurick developed a reputation as an adept networker and relationship builder for the executives he served"-with everyone but the party that elected his Governor and the appointees that served....the internal communications overhaul was basically, CUTTING ALL COMMUNICATIONS. UGH. This really is disgusting knowing him. He LOST a pretty big race, he forgot to add.

  2. "Schurick successfully integrated communications and policy development as a Chief of Staff and Communications Director for two Maryland governors..."

    He was never Ehrlich's chief of staff. And, he was Schaefer's fourth string COS after everyone else had left.

  3. What do you want from a paid advertisement in the form of a web page? Like they;re going to write that he's a doofus, but they hired the big lug anyway. I guess he's got pictures.