Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baltimore County GOP Chairman Candidate Al Mendelsohn Discusses His Candidacy

Recently I asked candidates for the chairmanship of the Baltimore County Central Committee to send me 300 word essays explaining why they’re running, what their goals are if they become chairman, and why each is the best candidate for the job.  I promised to post them here.

Al Mendelsohn is the first candidate to respond. Here is the unedited response he sent me.

“Thank you Richard for a asking for my platform and what I hope to accomplish as Chairman.

“The bylaws tell us, 'The Central Committee shall have as its principal obligation to provide the successful Republican candidates of the primary election with a party organization of such depth and capability to ensure the maximum effort on behalf of the Republican candidates in the general election.'

“The first thing we need to do communicate message: that the Republican Party is 'a choice not an echo' of the Democratic Party. We are the party of individual freedom and individual responsibility. We support the rule of law. This means that we oppose illegal immigration and we support hard time for hard criminals. We believe that families are the building blocks upon which our country is built and that no bureaucrat knows how to raise our children better than we do. We must never be afraid to say that America is unique and that we believe that government comes from the consent of the governed and that it is divine providence that has brought us here. We must also never be afraid to say that patriotism and respect for veterans is the right way to feel no matter if the popular media and culture tell us otherwise.

“Now, how do we communicate these messages?

      ·              We must have the money to register like-minded people. Please know that I will take a second place to nobody when it comes to fundraising.
      ·          We must recruit and train candidates for all winnable offices.
      ·          We must support and build local clubs with trained officers to recruit new members and train their members to strengthen their knowledge about improving their community. 
      ·              The Central Committee should have the infrastructure in place to allow the candidates to hit the ground running. This means that targeting must be in place early so campaigns will be able to enhance their chance of victory. 
      ·              Turnout is our mission. As Chairman of the Precincts and Elections Committee in the last cycle I designed a program that has been used as a model in several states and I hope to build on that work. Had we known the results of the study at the time, we would have picked-up one more seat on the County Council and won the County for Bob Ehrlich.
      ·          The Central Committee must be on the leading edge of political technology. Reaching our supporters in the way they like to be reached. This includes FaceBook, Twitter, email, apps, messages to cell phones or literature handed to people at their homes.
      ·          The Central Committee itself must be a fun atmosphere where people will look forward to come and achieving something with their friends.”


  1. Pictures, Richard. Every good blog has pictures ;)!

  2. I don't understand the statement" Had we known the results of the study at the time' Didn't he say HE designed the progam? Al is a nice person and I believe has good intentions........he is NOT a leader and would not make a good chairman. In my humble opinion. The only person even remotely qualified for this position is: Herman "Woody" Wood. Honest, hard working and has been involved in many political campaigns and has the respect of the majority of the Central Committee. Why has his name not been memtioned??