Thursday, June 23, 2011

In-State Tuition for Illegals Petition: 30 Percent of Signers are Democrats

The Sun’s Annie Linskey reported that nearly a third of signers of the petition to put the state’s new in-state tuition for illegal immigrants law on the ballot are Democrats.
I find this portion of Ms. Linskey’s article to be especially interesting:
“Republicans made up the majority of signers in all areas save one: Baltimore City, where 80 percent of voters are Democrats. There 56 percent of signers are Dems.

“There were also large numbers of Democrats signing in Baltimore County (39%) and in Prince George's County (38 percent).”
In a prior blog posting I predicted that the new law will go down by a broad, racially diverse coalition if it makes to the ballot (and I’m not entirely certain that it will...the ACLU has interjected itself into the matter). These numbers certainly hint at such an outcome.

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