Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Part of the Solution

As I blogged earlier, Baltimore County Republicans are preparing to pick a new chairman after several months of internal strife and discord. In keeping with my efforts to provide tough but constructive love to my fellow partisans, I extend the following offer to anyone that jumps in the chairman’s race.
Every indication is that my blog is fairly well read by members of the county’s Central Committee as well as by members of the political press. These are exactly the audiences a prospective chairman wants to reach.
Therefore, I invite every candidate who runs for chairman to provide me with a 300-word essay outlining why they want to be chairman, their top three priorities/strategies for growing the party, and the reason(s) why they are the best choice.  I will post them on my blog, unedited, as I receive them.
I know that some of the candidates who are contemplating a run are holding off making an announcement until current Chairman Tony Campbell makes his resignation official. This offer stands to them, and anyone else who decides to get in prior to that time, until a new chairman is selected.
Each of the candidates whose names have surfaced to date has the potential to be an effective chairman. I look forward to hearing their ideas and sharing them with each of you.


  1. Hopefully everyone is bold enough to put their thoughts in print. Sometimes I feel that politicians are too scared to do this because they feel that it would pin them down on things too much and won't allow them to squirm with public opinion.

    But those are not the qualities of a leader.

  2. Winning Essay

    "I will not start fist fights at MDGOP Conventions and I will work to make the party relevant for the first time by not making it a social club or making the MDGOP all about ego."

    Wait I'll never get elected with that essay. It's completely contrary to what the MDGOP is!

  3. The rest of the solution is purging the RCC of the said freaks who are on there due to ego/escape from crappy home life/because they cant get into a Elks or Moose/because the Dungeons and Dragons and RPG groups kicked them out at 40

    Seriously, the County is a running joke and will be

    You dont find good activists like the ones who passed away since 2006 or scrammed rather than working with the sorry lot.