Saturday, June 4, 2011

Same Book...Different Car?

Recently I happened across this article from the Washington Times in which former Governor Bob Ehrlich, my old boss, is profiled.

In the article, Ehrlich discusses his plans to publish a new book highlighting his thoughts for improving the GOP’s electoral fortunes. He also shares news about his law firm career, his thoughts on contemporary politics and political issues, and his accomplishments as governor.

In reading the article, I got the distinct sense I’d read it before. Turns out, I have.

On March 27, 2007,’s Brendan Mintier published a piece covering the same basic topics. Unfortunately the Wall Street Journal’s website does not allow you to search for recent articles older than two years. But this blog entry references and quotes a good part of it.

The only major difference pertains to Ehrlich’s book. Mintier has the title at Not Your Father's Republican Party, a reference to the famous Oldsmobile line.

The Times’ Joseph Weber has it as Turn This Car Around: The Roadmap to Saving the American Dream.

Well, at least they kept the car theme.

I wish the former Governor the best with his promised book. I will certainly read it. Still, I find the timing of this article curious, perhaps even a little random. Until the book is actually published, I fail to see the value of promoting it.

Anyway, I hope that the next time someone photographs Ehrlich, the picture frames behind him are straight, not crooked. Ehrlich’s press guru, the redoubtable Greg Massoni, must have overlooked that. That’s understandable. I hear he’s been dealing with certain distractions during the past few weeks.


  1. So, Ehrlich's book will "highlight his thoughts for improving the GOP's electoral fortunes"?

    What's next, Edward John Smith's book on avoiding icebergs in the North Atlantic?

  2. Richard - Washington Times chopped the end off the title of Ehrlich's new book. It's actually Turn This Car Around, Greg.

    Surely you noticed in the article Bob Ehrlich said he's not going to be a lobbyist. The story ran on a Monday. Two days later, a Canadian business consortium tweeted photos from its lobbying day on Capitol Hill, including shots of Bob Ehrlich hosting a natural gas pipeline panel with a gaggle of congressmen:!/ABEnterprise/status/73465680061661184

    He's not a lobbyist; he's an authority on Canadian natural gas.

    - Lebowitz

  3. Rumor has it the Ehrlichs are planning a move to the DC-VA area. No news about the Massonis leaving Dundalk yet, Hon.