Friday, June 17, 2011

Schurick's Supporting Cast

Paul Schurick and Julius Henson have been indicted as part of the robocall affair, but they weren’t the only members of the Ehrlich team to have their fingerprints on the scandal.
According to the indictments:
·        The contract to hire Julius Henson’s company, Politics Today, Inc., was signed by campaign Senior Advisor Greg Massoni on behalf of the Ehrlich campaign on or around June 1, 2010.

·        Henson prepared a written election strategy for achieving the so-called “Schurick Doctrine” which aimed to achieve “voter suppression” in 472 majority black precincts. Henson presented his proposed strategy to Schurick, Political Director Bernie Marczyk (a Schurick crony who played Fred Flintstone to Schurick’s Mr. Slate), Communications Director Henry Fawell, and the redoubtable Greg Massoni.

·        On Election Day, Schurick communicated the information he received from Henson to Marczyk and Massoni via email and telephone.

·        Greg Massoni received a “test call” with the planned robocall message before the call was fielded.

·       After the Ehrlich for Maryland Committee received a subpoena, Greg Massoni provided to Schurick copies of documents pertaining to black voter registration figures and “messaging” which Julius Henson also had in his possession.
The picture painted here is of an insular clique of campaign aides whose relationships and sense of familiarity with each other was forged over time. One has to wonder if this sense of institutional complacency fed a group think dynamic which, in turn, contributed to the robocall train wreck.
Despite their experience (Schurick), talent (Fawell), and proximity (Massoni), none of the members of Ehrlich’s inner circle sounded the alarm. They collectively seemed to ignore the point now patently obvious to everyone: Not only was fielding the robocalls the wrong thing to do, it was a massively bad idea.

By switching off their better judgment, they failed their candidate.


  1. A massively bad idea and a very selfish one. It has done yet more damage to the conservative community in MD.

  2. These are clowns to be sure. However, I believe one very important fact is being left out. It is my understanding that both Schurick and Henson are Democrats. This distinction should be sounded vociferously to distinguish the Maryland Republican party from the likes of the failed Ehrlich offshoot.

  3. Stop! No one will buy that, no one. Biggest sign of void in GOP State leadership is the absolute silence. Look how Dems handled Congressman Weiner. They denounced him. they purged him. In MD, no one on GOP side has the courage to speak up or out about this embarrassment. Instead the GOP has fallen into the naked ex Guv has on beautiful clothes.
    The time is now for new leadership. The Ehrlich crowd isn't just beaten, they are disgraced.

  4. Bob Ehrlich has a long history, going back to his very first race, of running dirty campaigns.

    In 2006, his campaign brought homeless people to Maryland to hand out phony fliers in African American precincts. Why? Because Bob Ehrlich thinks African Americans are stupid and can be duped.

    In 2010 his campaign authorized ridiculous robo calls to African Americans in an effort to suppress their vote. Whether or not Ehrlich knew about the calls, he certainly knew what had taken place in 2006. His failure to ensure that his 2010 campaign would eschew this type of tactics indicates that Bob Ehrlich is a base and vile man who cares only about himself.

  5. Who would play who in BCRCC - Ehrlich world, Batman, Circa 1960's

    Batman - Bob Ehrlich
    As a boy - Henry Fawell
    Robin - Chip Di Paula
    Batgirl - Mary Kane
    Alfred - Greg Massoni
    Aunt Harriet - Helen Bentley
    Commissioner Gordon - Workmenc Comp Carl Aumann

    Shame - Chris Cavey
    Riddler - Don Murphy
    Egghead - Al Mendelsohn
    Penguin - Mike Pappas
    Joker - Steve Kolbe
    Liberace Piano Villain - Greg Maddalone
    Orange Julius - Himself

    Assorted Henchmen - the rest of the baboons from last Monday

  6. So, silly question...where is Bob Ehrlich on this? No statements demanding accountability? Where is the state GOP on this? No statements demanding accountability? And aside from one poster's BRILLIANT (sarcasm) idea to blame this on the Democrats, what is the GOP in Maryland prepared to do to disavow this kind of chicanery?