Monday, June 20, 2011

"Why The Robocall Scandal Matters"

For those of you not yet done with my opining about the robocall scandal and resulting indictments, here is an op-ed piece I wrote for the Baltimore Sun regarding the matter.


  1. Hi Richard:

    I enjoyed reading your column and agree with the import of the issue. I appreciate the nuanced view you put forward. Thank you.

    Having said that, there is one thing you wrote that I disagree with: "Using messaging to dissuade your opponent's supporters is fair game." I think attempting to dissuade anyone to vote is dismaying, to say the least. The great thing about our republic is that citizens get to vote, and lots of brave Americans (not to mention Colonials) gave their lives to earn us this right. I suppose I am naive, but nothing fills me with more pride than to see high voter turnouts, whether the candidate I voted for wins or loses. Because the more of our citizens who participate in this essentially hallowed process, the greater we show respect for our great country, its history, place in the world, and those who have sacrificed for it, and continue to sacrifice for it. (Not to mention of course, the more legitimate the outcome seems.)

    Anyway, the casual nature with which either party embraces schemes to dissuade or suppress voters likely to vote the other way shames us all.

    One man's opinion.

  2. You Better watch your back, Cross. Only an idiot like you would pick on people with Law Enforcement Members in their Family.