Sunday, July 3, 2011

Edward Cox: On Dole...Or Is It Clinton....On Nixon

I caught this interesting program on CSPAN 3 earlier today. Taped at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in Michigan, attorney Edward Cox – son-in-law of President Nixon as well as chairman of the New York Republican Party – shared his memories and impressions of the 37th president.

My own Nixonphilia is well known and documented. I guess this is why I caught an error in Mr. Cox’s  presentation.

Towards the end of his remarks, Cox quotes at length from Bob Dole’s stirring eulogy of President Nixon, which he delivered at Nixon’s funeral ceremony on April 27, 1994. At times, Mr. Cox seems to mingle Dole’s words with those delivered by President Clinton at the same event.

I taped the ceremony as it happened, and recently watched parts of it again as I transferred all my VHS archives onto DVDs. So when Cox quotes Dole as saying that he wishes that Nixon be judged on the entirety of his record, and how much Dole relied on Nixon for his advice on Russia, and Dole remarking at how someone in his ninth decade of life could continue to contribute to the national debate in such a vital way, I immediately recognized the words as Clinton’s.

As far as I can tell, the other quotes he attributes to Dole are correct.

Regardless, if you’re a history geek as I am, it is still a program worth watching, as Mr. Cox does a generally excellent job.

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